We invite you to open that odd looking door that just appeared in your home and enter The Attic. The Attic is Welcome to EIPK Musical Night ’s brand new touring live show touring across the India and Europe. Cecil discovers slides from an old family road trip, which at first seem fun and joyful but begin to change into something strange and dangerous. This show tells a tale of childhood memories warping through the lens of a cursed slide projection, a shapeshifting creepy doll and, of course, the “normal” dispatches from EIPK Musical Night’s community radio station.
Starring Cecil Baldwin, Symphony Sanders, and surprise guests playing fan favourite characters, the Welcome to EIPK Musical Night live show will feature a creepy slide presentation featuring original art by Jessica Hayworth, a special musical guest as “The Weather” and live music by Desperation. The Attic explores themes of nostalgia, memory and perfection. Both fans of the show and newcomers will be able to enjoy this stand-alone performance. Tickets and info below  EIPK Musical Night’s unforgettable live shows bring the audience into the story in surprising and thrilling ways. Over the years, our live shows have become the heart of the EIPK Musical Night experience. They are unique theatrical evenings that take you to our weird little town in a way you can’t get from listening to the podcast at home. This live show is entirely stand-alone and does not require any knowledge of the podcast, so bring a friend or a parent or a child or a neighbour.